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Farm to Table Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Chicken


Kosten Family Farm L.L.C. is a local farm that is owned and operated by 3 generations of farmers: Ken, Mike, and Kristina. We started in the early 1970's as a dairy farm milking 50 Holstien dairy cows. In 2016 we sold the dairy cows and our founder Ken semi-retired and started cash cropping. Shortly after selling the dairy cows, we decided to try our hand at raising beef cattle and hogs along with cash cropping.

In 2020 we added chickens both laying hens and meat birds. The following year we added ducks for eggs, and lambs. In the next year or so we plan on adding a small flock of sheep to the farm. 

In total we farm about 300 acres, about half of that is land that we rent. We grow corn, wheat, soybeans, oats, hay, sorghum sudangrass, and occasionally rye and other crops. Some of these crops are kept for feeding our animals and the rest are sold to local mills such as, Gallagher Farms, Ionia Grain, Carbon Green BioEnergy, Millington Elevator, and King Milling Co.


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Our Beef

At Kosten Family Farm L.L.C. we raise our cattle outside on pasture. All the beef in our store has been born and raised here on the farm. They have access to hay, minerals, and water at all times. They are fed a small amount of grain each day but are not what is considered to be grain fed or finished. We work closely with our veterinarians and keep up with the best practices to keep our cattle healthy.  Check out our current cut selection here.  





Our Pork

The hogs here at Kosten Family Farm L.L.C. are raised indoors. All pork in our store was born and raised here at the farm. We work closely with our veterinarians, nutritionist, and keep up with best practices to keep our animals as happy and healthy as possible. See what cuts we have available here.




Our Poultry

The poultry here at Kosten Family Farm L.L.C. are not free range, but they are outside. Unfortunately, due to predators we chose not to let our poultry free range. Laying hens are kept in a coop with an attached run where they can come and go as they please. The ducks are also kept in a coop with an attached run, they also have a pool in the warmer months. The meat chickens are kept outside in a "chicken tractor" this allows us to move them at least once a day to fresh grass. Eggs sell fast, so reserve some of the freshest eggs available for your family here




Our Lamb

Lamb is a new addition here at Kosten Family Farm L.L.C. We currently buy weaned lambs from a reputable breeder in Milan, Michigan. We hope to buy a small flock from this breeder in the near future to breed our own lambs. The lambs are raised in the same barn as the hogs, but they have access to a small outdoor pasture in the warmer months. As with all of our other animals, we work with our veterinarians and use the best practices to ensure our lambs are happy and healthy. See what cuts of lamb we have in stock here






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